Our Expertise - Your Advantage


The Law Offices of Elson D. Nowell is specialized in US-American law.


With almost three decades of experience as a US Attorney practicing in Germany, the Law Offices of Elson D. Nowell counsels and assists German, American as well as other foreign clients in private, commercial and corporate US matters and can assist with cases involving other Anglo-American countries such as Canada, England, India, Australia , etc.


He cooperates with German licensed attorneys and other professionals in order to assure that related German or international legal issues in cross-border transactions can be addressed and resolved.

The Law Offices of Elson D. Nowell, Attorney at Law (USA) can provide support and representation in the following legal areas in both the German and English language:


Private Legal Matters:

- Probate and Estate Law
- Real Property Transaction Law
- Accident and Tort Law
- Divorce and Family Law
- General Legal Matters including Litigation

Corporate and Commercial Law:

- Establishment and Administration of Corporations and other Business Entities
- Joint Venture, Commercial and Licensing Agreements
- Merger & Acquisition Consulting, Real Estate Acquisition
- Business Reorganization Consulting
- General Legal Matters and Litigation Support
- Corporate Criminal Defense Support